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Ben Pfiester

(425) 770-2133



Ben Pfiester’s comprehensive knowledge of the Greater Puget Sound real estate market is unparalleled. Through his extensive experience as a real estate analyst at Hanley Wood where he conducted research
and analysis on residential real estate development, Ben is uniquely qualified to advise to his clients. He spends the time and energy to cover every angle in researching and providing his clients with the critical
information needed to make thoughtful and informed decisions about their real estate investment.


Ben has an excellent ability to see potential and value in a property. He is skillful in identifying properties that have unrealized, potential value and may offer an opportunity for creating additional value for his clients. 


 He takes great care to analyze the investment potential of each property and
advise his clients as to their specific real estate goals. When consulting with Ben, you will always receive current real estate market knowledge and property evaluations from a professional.


His wealth of real estate experience clearly allows him to skillfully
advise his clients in making balanced decisions about their real estate investment. His attention to detail, follow though, superior negotiating skills, and determination to make it work when faced with a challenge sets Ben apart.


Contact Ben to serve you and your personal real estate interest.

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