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                              CHELSEA STONE

                                 (360) 218-7398


Welcome! As a Camano Island resident since 2010, I have always been a voyager of the good life. I believe this area has something for everyone. Passionate about lifestyle living, I am convinced if you seek it, you will find it. There are many hidden gems in this Region. Whether you are dreaming of waterfront property, mountain views or acreage, Real Estate can profoundly change your latitude.


My journey began in Texas. I later graduated from F.I.D.M. and earned a degree in Merchandise Marketing. I moved to the East coast and became a Store Team leader until eventually discovering the wonders of Washington state!


Sales management and a tenured career in Hospitality both prepared me for the moving parts of Real Estate. Buying or selling in any climate requires an expert level of attention, and it is all in the details. With the right road map and a fiduciary by your side, anything is possible.


Life has helped shape and mold new beginnings for me and my husband in the Pacific Northwest. Relocating has elevated our quality of life, enriched relationships, and enhanced our daily outlook. It is my pleasure to assist and connect each client, in their journey, to discovering what Real Estate can do for them.


Interests include travel, wine tasting, culinary arts, beach walks, birdwatching, gardening, interior design, tending to several aquariums, and loving my Norwegian Forest Cat.

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