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Doug Boze

Douglas was born in Washington and raised in the quintessential small town of Stanwood. As a lifelong resident of Washington, he has spent much of his time cultivating relationships with locals throughout the state. Having been a small business owner for the past two decades, he understands the importance of client satisfaction, trust between the client and service provider and the priority of listening to, and advocating for, the client's wants and needs.

More About Doug

He has a passion for helping people, whether it be in real estate or outdoor mentorship. There is a great
joy and satisfaction to be found when the right client and appropriate opportunity come together, and
he finds it a great honor to be a part of that process. From negotiating distribution and publishing
contracts worldwide for video games, to inspecting buildings for the presence of asbestos containing
materials, he brings to the table a unique perspective in negotiating and knowledge of hazardous
material. In his spare time, he enjoys writing, fishing, hunting and being with his family and friends.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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