Kaleigh Helgeland



Hello there! My name is Kaleigh Helgeland, ever since I can remember I have loved designing! I love to work with various different colors and textures and working with what was in front of me. My love for web design and graphics slowly started to bloom in the spring of 2016 when my mom was launching a home organization and home staging business. (Bloom Home Services)  She asked me to help her get her website up and running. I was very quickly intrigued by how fun designing and making something on a computer was. I love technology, I love photography and design so what's better than designing websites and helping businesses grow? I have gained much experience since then and love to help peoples online presence grow. I love to help people achieve what they need with a website at an affordable cost and quick turn around. I love to give each one of my clients a custom look that defines who they are and what they want to portray as a business.