Broker Of The Month! November

What a great decision I’ve have made to hang my personal broker license at North48 Real Estate! I love the office here in town and this entire team I work with. I am so super happy here! Thrilled as can be to hang my hat on Camano Island’s Juniper Beach waterfront for the past 20 years.

Prior, I owned a home in the south end at Camano Vista for 10 years. Both of my adult children graduated from Stanwood HS.

I lived in the area before we had any stoplights on Camano Island! I have watched our area ignite with growth and a bittersweet contrast of emotions ranging from nostalgic pride to shaking my head trying to make a left turn in our new traffic patterns.

Our little gem of the region has been discovered!

I was born a real estate broker. Almost literally. I really did begin my career as a teenager and have been real estate licensed in WA for 27 years. My education list runs deep. I am very curious and love learning, so I have lifted just about every stone pertaining to real estate, its education, and the many ways it can be utilized. I can help owners sell whatever it is they need help with, whether it is homes, land, businesses or commercial.

One of the most heartwarming pieces of my career is helping someone find a

truly special and unique home and they know it is just right. Their joy is contagious! I might feel happier than they do. Alternatively, there is a competitive edge piece of this career. Making my own nostrils flare a little bit like an athlete, is getting a rezone done, helping get a permit through we didn’t think possible, or achieving the ultimate win-win scenario in a tough negotiation.

This long acquired skillset is wildly vast and diverse in real estate.

My latest learning curve in real estate has been in the civil engineering sector, assisting with Right of Way real estate. I am a regular licensed broker here at North 48 Real Estate, for traditional real estate residential and commercial work most everyone is familiar with, and additionally am the real estate administrative asst for the Right of Way team of WA State for one of the largest engineering firms in the world, HDR. This is a real estate view from a stratosphere I had never known the likes of before.

Working in civil engineering is akin to a really zoomed out planning view looking far into the future. If you have ever flicked on a light switch, drove on a street or highway, crossed a bridge, train tracks or turned on your water faucet, a Right of Way agent has cleared the legal land use to make that happen. I no longer see a light pole or a bridge the same way I used to. These projects take years of work to design, get legal land use to do the work, and then the final phase, construction can take place. Some of the projects the team I support has or is working on that you may have heard of is, the Alaskan Way

Viaduct project, the 520 Bridge Project, installing all the light rail for Sound Transit.

We also do hydroelectric power using the largest dams in the state to light up the cities here in the PNW. Transportation and utilities. We have an architecture division also. I absolutely love what I am learning. Daily!

What is my favorite part of real estate? The dynamic and diverse circle of friends created widens with nearly every client, almost every transaction. Sometimes I become well acquainted with the other broker, or the escrow closer, title rep, lender or inspector. Some of my best friends on the planet today are a direct result of my chosen career. The funniest, most creative and entertaining group of people in the world. It is my circle of friends that keeps the spring in my step. As long as I keep doing what I do,

the circle grows ever wider.

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