January Broker Of The Month

During this new month we are celebrating our January broker of the month Kelly Mauck!

"After spending more than 25 years in public service as a member of the US Navy and a Sheriff I retired to allow my wife, a firefighter/paramedic, the opportunity to chase her dreams and become a Paramedic. After my law enforcement retirement, I began a career as a home inspector which provided me with a thorough introduction to real estate. I had bought and sold several homes before but I had never been as involved in real estate as I was as a home inspector. I thoroughly enjoyed helping buyers and sellers make informed decisions but I also encountered a mixed bag when it came to real estate agents. Some were extremely thoughtful, attentive, and genuinely had their client's best interests in mind but some appeared to care more about the transaction than the client. These agents inspired me to begin my career as a real estate agent and to work with the philosophy of giving more than I receive. I will always make my clients the priority and will do everything I can to assure they get the most value possible. I love to go above and beyond and I'm never afraid to work hard and earn my commission!"

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