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Shelly Hansen

direct 425-387-5393

My Grandparents stumbled upon Camano Island in the 60’s and bought a cabin where they escaped Seattle on the weekends and summers. When my parents decided to move us up full time from Seattle and started building in 1980 my brother and I cried because the closest McDonald’s was almost an hour away. We soon got over that as we were blessed to grow up having a beach as our backyard . After my parents retired we kept the family beach house and ran a successful VRBO for 5 years and enjoyed watching other families use it before selling a few years ago. I now live on Lake Goodwin and will always have my feet in the water somewhere along the North 48 and the Salish Sea.


With over 16 years of real estate brokerage experience and specializing in contract writing to the strict Fannie Mae requirements I have learned how to navigate the contract pitfalls that waste time or slow down your bid in this hot market. In 2017 alone I listed, managed the repairs and maintenance, and negotiated the sales for 20 Fannie Mae properties. As a previous team member of Camano House Hunters I have listed and sold waterfront listings from Camano Island to Lake Sammamish. I would love to help you with your real estate goals.

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