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Stephanie Snyder


My career in Real Estate began by hanging out at my best friends’ parents office at age 15!
Being a goofy teen and “pretending” I was an agent at a desk. At age 18, in 1987, my friends Mom, owner of a Century 21 office actually hired me! I worked administratively as the managers assistant in southern CA. (Gold Blazers were the uniform and the fax machine was NEW!!!)


I later moved and began working in real estate in WA. Licensed to work as a broker for the first time in WA State in 1994. My experience in real estate is vast. Residential, vacant land, condos, investments and commercial property. I am currently training in ROW (Right of Way) real estate and on track to get my RWA cert this year. (2021) I love continuing education, the vast sea of knowledge…ever
changing rules and technology! Even after 3 decades of my lifelong and only career, I am still learning.
Loving every minute of it.


One of my great work thrills, is being the hired real estate broker for other licensed, or formerly licensed, real estate professionals, who may have relocated or retired. Being a real estate professional themselves, they know my work ethic, scope of training, moral values, and trust me with their personal real estate business after many years in the industry themselves. That speaks volumes. It is such an honor.


I am creative, often coming up with ideas to reach a win-win scenario for both buyers and sellers. I have been employed by government entities for acquisitions and sales. Also have been referred by several local attorneys, lenders and escrow professionals for business.


My highest honor is the referrals and repeat work I get from past clients. I will always treat everyone with respect, kindness and understanding. Effectively communicating all choices and options in a way they understand, no matter how many times I need to repackage a phrase. My clients will always feel confident about every step along the way. Seamless and easy real estate transactions, from the clients
point of view, is my goal. I love real estate. I always have. I always will. It is my chosen career and I will continue to practice with passion.

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